As we strive to lead the reform process for sustainable power plant service solutions, we are also committed to safeguarding the environment for future and developing our business in a way that adds value to every stake holder. We plan to set higher benchmarks in terms of technical standards, and in the implementation of cutting-edge, sustainable technologies and processes best process of every repair or supply.

Our commitment to sustainable power plant service solution has enabled us to join the race of the leaders. We are proud to be associated with all our global customers across the globe. This partnership is also an endorsement of their faith in us and our ability to deal with wide range of works in Thermal and Hydro Power service solutions. We will to contribute our share in overcoming all the challenges the power plant service, we are continuously exploring new solutions with our strategic tie-ups with Harbin Electric, Jinan Power and Dongfang Electric.

With a note of thanks to everyone associated with J B Enterprise we wish them thanks for supporting.

Executive Summary

Since the opening up of Power Generation to private sector in 2003, Power Plant Equipment suppliers have installed over 200,000 MW of Equipment in India. The surge in India's generation capacity is a result of low-cost equipment and fast deliveries from Foreign Suppliers. We need to make sure these power plants with huge investments can produce power for the years to come and give maximum output.

We provide solutions to India's leading Power Generation Companies and help connect to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to achieve the goal of maximum output and efficiency.

Vendors Support

We have some of the most trustworthy and resourceful vendors associated with us. Our vendor base expands from Indian to foreign markets. That is how, we are able to continuously present international quality of products for our customers, worldwide.

Power Plant Maintenance 

  • Overhaul Support
  • Spare Parts
  • Field Service
  • Parts List
    • Overhaul Consumables Kits
    • Generator Stator
    • Generator Rotors
    • Generator Slip Ring
    • Stator Rotor Winding
    • Power Turbine Rotors
    • Bladed Turbine Discs
    • Turbine Blades
    • Turbine Shafts
    • Compressor Rotors
    • Compressor Blades
    • Nozzles & Nozzle 
    • Tip Shoes
    • Stub Shafts
    • Compressor Stators
    • Power Turbine Shafts
    • Diffusers
    • Variable Guide Vanes
    • Fuel Injectors
    • Compressor Internals
    • Accessory Drive Gears
    • Combustor Liners
    • Bearing & Seal Assemblies

Our Priority

With ready supply of latest quality standards of verified products such as Boiler Fan Coupler, Industrial Generator Rotor, Hangzhou HTC, Power Slip Ring, Steam Turbine Blade and others, we have realized our main aim of always achieving the highest grade of customers satisfaction and retaining goodwill of patrons for an everlasting time.

Why Us?

Some of the quality traits due to which most customers choose us are mentioned below:

  • Our quality alongside quantity policy
  • Our ethical and transparent business practices
  • Easy availability and product accessibility for the customers
  • Our excellent and professional services rendered at cost-effective price

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